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Programming and development services

Mobile Applications

Before you start creating an application for your project, you must know its intended purpose. Think about your project, the problems you face with customers, and how you would make their lives better if there was an app on their phone that enables them to send the complaint easily by taking a screenshot or a picture of the problem and attaching it to get a quick solution. We will make the application for you as if you designed it yourself, and we will put in it all the modern ideas and competitive advantages you see, and we will advise you on what saves you time and money so that the project does not become a heavy burden on you.

Website Development

With the high rates of use of social networking sites, rarely anyone pays attention to the importance of websites, but when the company neglects to create its own website, it loses many available opportunities. There are many things that can be achieved from the website, the most important of which is helping the company to increase growth rates significantly. unexpected. And with the increasing interest in e-commerce and shopping sites, your website may become the main interface for your company's business, whether you sell a commodity or provide services of various kinds.

news website

Designing an electronic newspaper website to publish the news of your province, town, or tribe, and it can expand and publish news of the Kingdom, and possibly the Middle East and the entire world, as the Kingdom has a clear vision for 2030. We will give you an advanced Arabic control panel that helps you publish articles, political and social opinions, news of all kinds, events and celebrations. An advanced site that allows you to upload the number of all the pictures and videos you want with more than one mobile browser and a news ticker with a link to all social media so that the news or article will be downloaded to your site and from it to all social media.

Motion graphic design

The large number of read news and articles that are presented to you in real time with the huge amount of letters and information makes it difficult at times to attract attention to what you want to deliver to the community and the target group. Therefore, we provide the service of designing a brief advertising post or a video clip from animated data, in which we draw your ideas and your view of your project in a way that attracts the attention of the recipient without prolongation or boredom, in a lovely and beautiful way that makes his acceptance of the ideas and products presented to him more smooth and fun to achieve the desired goal.

Ecommerce Designing

You are the owner of a company, a shop, a marketing manager or a sales manager in a company, or you may be an ambitious person who wants to start your own business and achieve financial freedom. Whatever your age or job, if you are an ambitious person and want to start realizing your financial dreams, then electronic commerce is the best way from our point of view to achieving financial freedom in this world full of challenges and obstacles.

Identity And Logo

We offer you a commercial identity design service and discuss with you what a commercial identity is and how to choose its design from defining the personality of your company or commercial activity to Define your vision and highlight the message that you want to deliver to customers. And to show the main work objectives in an appropriate manner in the design of the identity through the selection of colors, symbols and the aesthetic shape of the logo

We are an information technology institution with great experience working in every field related to programming and designing applications and websites. 

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